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PLTO Secrets: Your Roadmap to Financial Freedom
When I started out investing in real estate I just bought the cheapest property and dove in. I did it all backwards! I learned the hard way the systems that I needed to put in place to meet my goals faster, in a more consistent way and without a ton of risk. This e-book shares my secrets in the areas of : 
P - for Person: Deciding what kind of investor you are and understand how that affects HOW you invest.

L - for Location: Being intentional in where you are buying your properties and how it affects your goals.

T - for Team: Discovering that you CAN NOT do this alone and what team you need to support you and your real estate investing goals.

O - for Opportunities: Knowing where to find the RIGHT opportunities for you.  

After all - you want to have more money, more time and less stress and this e-book will share the strategies I used to transform my own life!
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